Library binding

Helix Binders offers excellent value for money in providing a wide range of services of use for libraries.

Before and after pic of bound booksAt Helix Binders we understand library funding is becoming ever tighter and therefore the need to make the binding budget go as far as possible.

Our binding/rebinding services are excellent value for money and guarantee to substantially extend the life of library collections.

We make the customer experience as seamless as possible by supplying empty cartons for packing, carton labels for identification, binding instruction slips and a collection/delivery service.

Periodicals / Newspapers

Most academic libraries take printed versions of various periodical and journal titles.
The best method of storing and protecting involves the binding of issues/parts/instalments into one volume. Binding is to the highest standards and should match previous volumes in terms of style i.e. cloth colour and gold lettering etc.

Local History / Studies

A variety of styles are presented, all of which can have their shelf life enhanced and often improve the appearance. From loose material bound in a pamphlet style to books being rebound in a sympathetic manner in either cloth or laminate.

Hardbacks / Paperbacks

As books on library shelves become a bit jaded and in need of repair, then re-binding remains a very good value for money option. Sleeved hardbacks and paperbacks are rebound incorporating original dustjacket/covers so as retain original appearance.

Reference / Monographs

Damaged books or in need of repair are rebound sympathetically usually in cloth or leather. Old and often out of print items can be lovingly restored involving paper tissue repairs, resewing and hard case binding.


Music collections are very expensive to acquire and are often heavily used. In order to fully protect this investment, we recommend the binding musical sets & scores, instrumental parts etc.

Converting paperback covers to hardbacks instantly increases durability. The binding of a score into hardback format with a pocket to house instrumental parts both protects and keeps the “set” together. Instrumental parts can be further protected by covering in card/cloth with the relevant instrument type embossed for identification e.g. violin, oboe.

Thinner material can also be bound in a pamphlet style with a clear pvc front cover and cloth spine.

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