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Find out how much your order will cost before you go ahead, by using Helix Binders’ easy-to-use calculator.

First, tell us how many copies you would like. We offer a 5% discount when you order five or more of the same item.

Each hard binding costs £19.50.

Each cloth soft binding costs £14.00.

Each PVC soft binding costs £9.00.

Next, tell us the number of pages in your thesis. We charge 5p per black-and-white page and 25p per colour page. Please tell us how many colour pages you have in your thesis so we can work out an accurate cost.

Please note that even a single dot of colour on a page means we have to print it in colour. Please make sure you’ve worked these figures out accurately – otherwise this could cause a delay in our being able to print your thesis.

The cost for your thesis order, excluding delivery and any additions such as pockets for documents/CDs, will be £0.00. Start your order now!

Please enter the number of copies, and pages, to get a quote for your thesis.

Delivery costs

Our delivery costs are as below:

  • Collect your order (you will be contacted by email when it is ready to pick up): £0.00
  • Next-day UK Mainland: £10.95
  • Scottish Highlands (2-3 days): £15.95
  • Channel Islands (2-3 days): £22.95
  • Isle of Man (2-3 days): £22.95
  • Northern Ireland (2-3 days): £22.95
  • Scilly Isles (2-3 days): £22.95
  • Scottish Islands (2-3 days): £22.95
  • Isle of Wight (2-3 days): £28.95

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