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Helix Binders are a major provider of dissertation / thesis print & bind for students throughout the UK.

With the ability to match all UK university specifications you can trust Helix Binders to produce your work in the highest quality.

Cambridge University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
King's College London (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Queen Mary University London (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Cambridge University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
London Southbank University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Thermal PVC binding (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Salford Manchester (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Durham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Hull (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Northampton (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Maryvale Institute Birmingham B.Div (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Glasgow School of Computing Science (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Maryvale Institute Birmingham  MA (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Oxford Brookes Universiy (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
KU Leuven  Belgium (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Univesity of East London (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of West of Scotland (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Middlesex University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
York St. John Univeersity (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Grimsby University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Leicester (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Teeside University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Glasgow Caledonian University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Plymouth (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
PVC Soft Binding University of Reading (www.Helixbinders.co.uk)
Greenwich University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Westminster (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Lincoln School of Computer Sceince (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Newcastle University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Imperial College London (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Coventry University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Buckingham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Durham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Dundee (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Birningham City University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Nottingham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Bucks New Univversity (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Surrey (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Edinburgh (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Cloth Soft Binding (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University College London (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Aberdeen (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Essex (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
De Montfort University Leicester (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Exeter (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Nottingham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Cambridge (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Robert Gordon University Aberdeen (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Portsmouth University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Abertay University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Oxford (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Salford Manchester (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Leeds (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Central Lancashire (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Institute of Development Studies (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Aston University Birmingham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Univesity of South Wales (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Univesity of Glasgow (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Heroit Watt University Edinburgh (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Southbank University London (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Southampton (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Goldsmith's College Univesity of London (helixbinders.co.uk)
Highland & Islands University (helixbinders.co.uk)
PVC Soft Bound (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Huddersfield University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Open University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Oxford University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Slipcase for bound thesis (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Slipcase for bound thesis (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Canterbury Christ Church University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Bournemouth University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
International Institute of Original Medicine (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Cardiff (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Portsmouth (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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Henley Business School (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
East London University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Trinity Saint David University of Wales (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Ravensbourne University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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Anglia Ruskin University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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York St. John University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Open University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Greenwich University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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Univesity of Winchester  (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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London School of Economics & Political Sciences (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Strathclyde University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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University of Plymouth (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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University of York (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
St Andrew's University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Sussex (www.helixbinders.co.uk
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Queens University Belfast (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Rounded spines of Hard back Thesis www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Glasgow (www.helixbinders.co.uk
Bournemouth University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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Front Cover & Spine Text (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Heriot Watt University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
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University of Nottingham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Bristol (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Aston University Birmingham (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Robert Gordon University Aberdeen (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Lincoln (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Keele University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
University of Liverpool (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Loughborough University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Manchester University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Leeds Beckett University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Dundee University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)
Swansea University (www.helixbinders.co.uk)

Add impact to your Thesis or Dissertation with professional binding

First impressions count

Everyone knows this little phrase and it applies completely to submitting your thesis too. You’ve poured man-hours into researching, writing and proofing your Thesis – the last thing you want is to make a poor impression by submitting a substandard printed document.

A well printed and bound document will reflect all the hard work that has gone into creating the content within it.

Experienced binders

We’ve been binding dissertations and theses for many years and know a thing or two about it. From the feedback we’re received, a beautifully bound dissertation has much more impact. Your publication is in good hands.

You’ll want the overall finish to be perfect. Neatly trimmed, durable, and free of blemishes. We inspect each document before we ship it out, giving you peace of mind that it has been printed with care and attention to detail.

Up to spec thesis binding

Many universities have their own thesis binding specifications for submitted documents and we can bind to those requirements. This ensures that you not only comply but also make the best possible impression.

Using the latest digital printing technology, you can be sure that the print quality will be excellent and we don’t skimp on the paper either. Our standard weight is 100gsm, making sure the print is legible and the document is a pleasure to handle too.


Our thesis binding service offers you a choice of covers and finishes, meaning it is customised to you.

We also offer a variety of extra options allowing you to add even more uniqueness to your document and make it stand out.

You have a variety of delivery options too, including Next-day delivery with a 1 hour window. You won’t have to hang around all day waiting for that important thesis to arrive. We know that there is no point in getting a thesis printed and bound to a professional standard, only to find that it has been damaged in the post. We take care in packing and delivering your thesis so that it arrives in the pristine condition you’d expect.

Cost Effective

Having choice means you have a say in the final cost. Our printing and binding processes are streamlined to ensure low waste and a fast turn-around – keeping costs to a minimum and giving you the best possible finish at a great price. We have a quick cost calculator to help you get an idea of the choice and the pricing before you even place an order.


Having survived the stress of compiling your thesis, you’ll want the submission process to be smooth and easy.

We have a wide range of applications and will process your files in most common formats. If you are unsure of what format to submit your document, please do not hesitate to contact us info@helixbinders.co.uk.

What areas do we cover?

We have produced thesis binding to students from all over the country, here’s a quick look at just how much of the UK we cover:

University locations map

It doesn’t matter which university you attend, or where you are in the UK – we can print it, bind it and ship it for you.

Graphic from studyin-uk.com

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